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Many entrepreneurs in the marketplace don’t realize that water is the second largest commodity market right next to oil. The water conditioning market continues to generate combined annual revenue of $2.8 billion with plenty of growth and opportunity available for you to make your market by opening a franchise of your own.
The VR Franchise Showcase is designed to help match qualified buyers with the right franchise opportunity in the select industry such as in the water conditioning market. You will have a distinct advantage over other businesses in your local marketplace due to what the franchisor will provide once you become a water conditioning franchise owner:
  • Market-recognized brand generates an immediate customer base;
  • Intensive training program detailing how to effectively operate your franchise;
  • Full access to franchise materials, resources and existing relationships between the vendors and the franchisor;
  • Continued operational and technical support from the franchisor.
Most water conditioning franchises operate with little overhead and are successful through a proven business model and projected market growth at rates of 6-8% a year. More importantly:
  • Less than 9% of U.S. households have a water filtration or conditioning system.
  • Americans alone consume more than 13 billion gallons of bottled water a year.
The above two facts demonstrate the opportunity available when you buy a water conditioning franchise. As a franchise owner, you will draw from a vast customer base of homeowners and businesses that need superior water for all drinking, cleaning and bathing needs.
Contact a VR Franchise Specialist about available Water Conditioning Franchises in your local area today!

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