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When people are looking to make a career change, many will aspire to become private investigators. Today, there is a rapid growth in the industry making it lucrative for not only those who want to switch careers, but also for those who want to begin their career as a private eye.

According to the VR Franchise Showcase, the private investigator industry has grown dramatically over the last decade due to increasing social issues such as:
  • Infidelity;
  • Insurance fraud;
  • Criminal defense investigation.

This is a competitive industry where those with experience in law enforcement, intelligence-related work, armed forces and other investigative work can be very successful.
The mass-production of low-cost recording devices has helped fuel new private investigator franchises. Although, a portion of private investigators are former police officers and attorneys, many have come from business and management backgrounds recently.

Franchisors for private investigator franchises provide comprehensive training and marketing on a local, regional and national level. Corporate support is also provided for those who become a private investigator franchise owner.

Private investigators are hired by organizations, individuals and lawyers to find financial, legal or personal information. PIs can be hired to do the following:
  • Provide protection to prominent people;
  • Verify background information before someone is employed;
  • Verify an individual’s background;
  • Investigate Internet crime related to identify theft, harassment, illegal downloads;
  • Assist in criminal and civil cases;
  • Help with fraudulent insurance claims;
  • Find missing persons;
  • Help with premarital screening.
There are many more situations where private investigators are used. These days, most of the investigation is handled with the help of computers and the Internet to access databases.
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