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Playgrounds franchises center their business on two areas: commercial and residential. In the last 20 years, the industry for commercial playgrounds has grown exponentially. Originally designed as simple sliding and climbing structures, today, commercial playgrounds are a multi-million dollar industry, where complex structures have multiple levels, play panels and stations. Prices for commercial playgrounds range anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000, depending upon the size and type of components used to build.
Playgrounds are created for:
  • Schools;
  • Churches;
  • Indoor play places;
  • Recreational facilities;
  • Public parks; and
  • Quick Services Restaurant (QSR) Franchises.
Unlike residential playgrounds that are usually designed to hold a few children and built out of lumber without strict safety guidelines, franchises have to follow high standards in regards to commercial playgrounds. Governed by several different organizations, the safety of commercial playgrounds are rigid, able to handle more than 14 children in a safe indoor or outdoor environment.

With an ever-increasing population, demand for playgrounds franchises will come from areas with high population densities, where more schools, parks and facilities need to be built for children’s activities. The VR Franchise Showcase will assist you in finding the right franchise opportunity where you will be able to achieve your goals of business ownership and financial security.
Owning a franchise in the playgrounds industry saves you much of the legwork you would need to do if you were starting a business for scratch. With a franchise:
  • You follow an already-established blueprint for building your customer base and generating revenue as soon as you open your location.
  • You will receive training from the franchisor that details how to operate a franchise successfully, utilizing the tools and resources readily available.
  • The franchisor will include you in advertising and marketing campaigns they conduct during the business year; and
  • Ensure you stay on the right track through their franchise support infrastructure.
Contact a VR Franchise Specialist about available Playgrounds Franchises in your local area today!

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