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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preparing an Offer as a Business Buyer

JoAnn Lombardi
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When you are looking to buy a business, VR will assist you in finding the one that matches your qualifications and interests. More importantly, we will educate you on what the seller expects from you as a buyer, performing due diligence and writing an offer that’s fair in relation to the marketplace.


Both the seller and you, as the buyer, have to understand each other’s motivations and personality types. Every VR business intermediary will assist you in deciding what is most important to you in the offer.


Every prospective buyer that contacts one of our VR offices regarding an available business for sale will come in for a consultation. We will assist you in every aspect of the process. When it comes to writing an offer, you will submit one to us first that we can review together before we submit to the seller on your behalf. Constant communication is essential when writing and submitting an offer for buying a business.


Your VR business intermediary will evaluate with you the different scenarios with the offer presentation in how the seller may respond. In turn, the seller will come back with either an acceptance of your offer or a counter offer.


Attention to detail is important with every aspect of the business that is for sale. As a buyer, you will have to perform your due diligence before an agreement is drafted and signed by you and the seller. Your VR business intermediary will facilitate the process to where both you, as the buyer, and the seller can communicate effectively:
  • Outlining all the positives and negatives to the deal;
  • Resolving the challenges that are preventing negotiations from moving forward;
  • Find the middle ground where both you and the seller can come to terms;
  • Present and have signed the purchase agreement.

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