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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Knowing the Right Time to Sell Your Business

JoAnn Lombardi
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It can be a tricky endeavor, figuring out the best time to sell your business in a market that is constantly fluctuating. Using a VR Business Broker can help you identify important signs to look for in determining the best time to conduct business valuations and see your company sold on the market.

Sell Your Business for a Compelling Reason

Sometimes, things can get out of hand for a business owner who is no longer capable of dealing with all of the difficulties of his personal life as well as running his company. It could be due to the dissolution of a partnership, death of a shareholder, or personal financial matters. Whatever the reason, it's important to decide the right time to sell the business before things become too difficult to manage.

Another reason many businesses owners are selling businesses is for investment reasons, which include liquidation, minimizing risk if there is a chance of bankruptcy occurring and achieving a return on investment before the value of the company becomes too low.

A third reason is the natural life cycle of the business before moving on to something else. Business owners have been known to help companies from the ground up until they've reached maturity, and then sell them to the highest bidder when it's at its peak value on the market. This requires a lot of foresight and familiarity with the fluctuations of the market in order to pull off successfully.

Selling Your Business and Timing

Many a business owner has sold their businesses simply because it felt like the right time to do so because their objectives for the business have been met. The last step is ensuring that you are emotionally ready to part ways with the business. However, it's important that the emotional attachment to the company be severed in order to deal with the affairs of the business in an objective manner. This means the severing of ties financially, lifestyle, and any bonds that were created with other individuals who were involved in the business.

A business owner must also come to terms with the fact that he can no longer be identified with the company. This can be hard for those who have invested a lot of time and effort into seeing the company from its start up days to flourishing into the company that it is today. It's natural to feel a sense of self-esteem and pride, along with recognition in the community for what has been accomplished.

Knowing the right time to sell your business is a stressful situation for any business owner to go through, but taking the time to consider one's options and doing the necessary market research including contacting a qualified business broker can help determine when a business should be sold.

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