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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enhancing Direct Mail Response Will Bring More Revenue

JoAnn Lombardi
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The simplest and most immediate measure of a direct marketing campaign for your business is the response level that it achieves. Many different factors can affect these rates, so it is important to test all the variables before committing all your resources to this particular approach. Also keep in mind that you must aim for a realistic figure that is within your budget.  
Remember that your response rates will be greater when you define your target market as precisely as possible. In addition, you want to make it easy for your prospects to respond.  
If you want to maximize your effectiveness with a campaign to sell, follow the guidelines:  
Test before Implementing
Before doing anything, you must test direct mail on a small proportion of the market. Although this is a precise medium, testing can refine the process even further. With so many variables in a campaign, you can test different elements individually and plan on the basis of the best response rate. The most effective will be the one that achieves the highest response levels for your business.  
Response and Sales Can Measure Effectiveness
An increase in profitable sales stands as the ultimate test of any marketing campaign. However, direct mail, by itself, cannot deliver. Many factors such as pricing, product quality, sales representatives, customer service, and competitive activities will have an influence on how well you do. You must have a specific role for what you’re going to initiate as well as measure by how it will be fulfilled so that you can sell.  
Set in Motion
Remember that the response levels that you target will depend on whether you integrate other forms of marketing communication with your direct mail campaign or not.  
For example:
  • Response levels as low as 1 or 2 % are regarded as the industry norm;
  • Response rates in the region of 5% are regarded as high;
  • Response rates in the region of 10-20% have been reported by companies who have integrated other forms of marketing communications.  
Keep Your Aim Narrow
A direct mail campaign for your business can either aim at one key decision maker or thousands of potential users. Since what you’re using is a precise medium, you will want target specifically to achieve the best response rate that you can.  
Integrate Other Marketing Activities into the Campaign
Although, you can run direct mail campaigns at will if you want; performance, overall awareness and levels among customers and prospects will improve considerably if you integrate with other marketing activities such as an exhibition, advertising campaigns, or sales force calls.   
Allow Your Prospects Easy Response Access
Response rates will always improve if you make yourself easily available for contact such as with websites, email addresses, postage-paid envelopes and 800 numbers. Make sure that you monitor the response levels from different sources to find most effective.


Response to: Enhancing Direct Mail Response Will Bring More Revenue
Jacques Lament says
It is definitely a cost-efficient method to use direct mail. Plus, you can directly target motivated sellers with these kind of campaigns. An good example of a direct mail campaign would be to tap into fields wherein you can get referrals and exposure to targeted motivated sellers. For example, you can create a direct mail campaign addressed to lawyers that specialize in corporate law. These lawyers can refer many of their clients that are willing to sell their properties to you.

Response to: Enhancing Direct Mail Response Will Bring More Revenue
Larry Fontana says
Over one-third of philanthropic giving in the United States comes as a result of direct mail, which is why direct mail campaigns are such an important funding source for libraries of all types.

Response to: Enhancing Direct Mail Response Will Bring More Revenue
Ted Tolhurst says
If you are about to launch a direct mail campaign, estimating your typical direct mail response rates should be priority one. If you are looking to push businesses that your are looking to sell, you need to know your target market.

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