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Restaurants and Cocktail Eating Dining Breakfast Lunch Businesses For Sale in All Locations

Looking for Restaurants and Cocktail Eating Dining Breakfast Lunch Businesses for Sale? We can help. Even if you don't see a business for sale in the list below that meets your specifications you can sign up for our business opportunity alert to get notified if a business that meets your requirements comes onto the market. We have an extensive network on trained business brokers to help you fulfill your dream of owning your own business!

BusinessSorted ASCPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
1029 Madison Iconic Restaurant$211,000$211,000$0$0Madison
1088- Profitable, Well-Branded Restaurant$650,000$650,000$0$0Southeast Wisconsin
1105 Winery for Sale in WI$100,000$100,000$0$0Wisconsin
1131 Full Service Casual Asian Restaurant$695,000$695,000$0$0NE Wisconsin
1161 Premier Upper Midwest Nightclub$599,900$599,900$1,146,199$285,000Upper Midwest
2 Famous BBQ Franchise Stores, Buy Both!$780,000$780,000$2,000,000$300,000Palmdale
5 Days Cafe, High Rise, Full Kitchen, Wilshire$99,000$99,000$258,000$52,000Los Angeles
5 Days Cafe, Major Office Building, Full Kitchen$98,000$98,000$216,000$42,000Irvine
Argentinean Food Restaurant Great Location!$149,000$149,000$480,000$110,000North Orange County
Asset Sale – Turn Key Mobile BBQ Restaurant$65,000$65,000$0$0Tampa Bay, FL
Baskin-Robbins + TOGO'S Franchises, Great Area!$275,000$275,000$590,000$110,000Mission Viejo
Baton Rouge Restaurant Operation with 2 Locations$750,000$750,000$2,387,021$1,631,035Baton Rouge, LA
Beautiful Successful French Restaurant$1,700,000$1,700,000$955,384$316,332Olde Naples
Beer Bar Tavern, No Food, ABC 40, Same Owner 26 Yr$95,000$60,000$200,000$0Tustin
Breakfast, Lunch, Diner, Featured on TV Show!$160,000$160,000$360,000$60,000San Pedro
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