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All Businesses For Sale in Texas

BusinessSorted ASCPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
20 Year East Texas Graphics & Printing Company$225,000$50,000$348,341$87,000Angelina County
Awards & Engraving Business & Includes Buliding$220,000$220,000$154,552$89,403Fort Worth
Cell Phone Repair Franchise Opportunity$115,000$115,000$0$0Dallas & Fort Worth Metro & Oklahoma
CG-463 Full Service Car Wash$825,000$825,000$507,362$118,845Texas
Dry Cleaner / Tailor – 2 Locations$80,000$80,000$132,747$36,589Dallas
Established & Profitable Mexican Restaurant$825,000$825,000$1,167,000$256,000Collin County, Texas
Established Auto Repair Center In East Texas$230,000$230,000$556,394$47,379Smaller City East of Dallas In East Texas
Established Bridal Specialty Shop - DFW Suburb$149,000$149,000$296,918$53,920Strategic location within minutes of the best neighborhoods of DFW
Established Dance Studio In Collin County TX$69,000$69,000$264,351$34,613Collin County, Texas
Fire & Water Damage Restoration Franchise$375,000$95,000$358,077$116,421Plano, TX
Franchised Shipping & Printing Center For Sale$159,000$159,000$340,454$61,757Suburb of Dallas, Texas
Indoor Digital Advertising Business$49,900$49,900$1$0Territories available throughout Dallas Metro Area
JL-466 Recreation and Family Entertainment Center$850,000$850,000$1,266,648$495,953San Antonio, Tx
JS-419 - Crane & Rigging Company$785,000$250,000$936,111$241,897South Texas
JS-464 Bail Bonds Business (Near Metroplex area)$395,000$395,000$640,414$167,211Near DFW Tx Metroplex area
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Businesses for Sale in Texas

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  • 2601 E. Oakland Park Blvd, Suite 300 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

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