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Looking for Business For Sale in California? We can help. Even if you don't see a business for sale in the list below that meets your specifications you can sign up for our business opportunity alert to get notified if a business that meets your requirements comes onto the market. We have an extensive network on trained business brokers to help you fulfill your dream of owning your own business!

BusinessSorted ASCPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
10 Units Rental Income Plus Barber Shop All Rented$295,000$295,000$297,000$141,000Woodland Hills
2 Famous BBQ Franchise Stores, Buy Both!$750,000$750,000$2,000,000$300,000Palmdale
5 Days Cafe on Wilshire, High Rise, Full Kitchen$75,000$75,000$258,000$52,000Los Angeles
5 Days Cafe, Major Office Building, Full Kitchen$98,000$98,000$216,000$42,000Irvine
5 Days Franchise Salad Lunch Service Only$280,000$280,000$480,000$102,000Vernon
5 Days Sandwich Shop has Grill, Hood, Low Rent$149,000$149,000$216,000$72,000Walnut
99 Cents Discount Store, Has Lotto, EBT, Busy Shop$100,000$100,000$420,000$69,000Los Angeles
Asian Seafood Buffet Restaurant$900,000$900,000$5,000,000$300,000Carlsbad
Audio Video Security, Commercial, Residential$648,000$648,000$1,235,000$280,000Orange County
Auto Body, 5000 SF, 42 Cars, Clean Shop!$240,000$240,000$0$0Santa Ana
Auto Repair / Smog Station$105,000$105,000$120,000$60,000Riverside County
Auto Repair + Tires, 5 Bays, large Uber account$215,000$215,000$540,000$144,000Inglewood, California
Auto Sound, Suspension, Wheels, Lo Jack, DUI Lock$60,000$60,000$475,000$80,000Corona
Automotive Radiator and Air Conditioning Shop$49,000$49,000$120,000$56,000Whittier
Bakery Asset Sale, New Lease, Full Equipment$60,000$60,000$0$0South El Monte
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Businesses for Sale in California

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