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Immigration Services

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Buy a Business and Immigrate to the United States

One of the most effective ways of attaining an immigration visa in the Unites States is to purchase a qualifying business. At VR we can help foreign nationals identify potential business purchases that will fast track them onto the path of attaining legal status.

VR in San Antonio has established relationships with top-notch immigration attorneys that can work with you to create a plan for your immigration to the U.S. Some key points to look for when conducting a business search for immigration purposes:
  • Proven track record of profitability over a 2-3 year period;
  • Substantial capital investment, usually in excess of $150,000
  • Well-established employment record (ie: providing local jobs)
  • Financials that can be substantiated with income tax returns
We can also provide you with referrals for the selection of housing, financial institutions, schools, business lawyers and accountants prior to your final move to the U.S.
  • (210) 688-4813
  • 10010 San Pedro Ave Suite 305 San Antonio, TX 78216

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