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VR San Antonio Office provides business brokerage and merger & acquisition services to business owners, entrepreneurs and international buyers operating or targeting the South Texas area.
VR San Antonio has 2 Business Units:

A.- Traditional Business Brokerage:
- Deals under $5,000,000 (see business for sale below)
B.- Mergers & Acquisitions:   
- Deals over 5,000,000.  Please visit our M&A website: www.VR-MA.com

VR San Antonio works with companies in all industries through our 2 business units. With values, anywhere from $200K to $50 million. Our services include business valuations, packaging and marketing of companies for sale, screening of buyers and targeted acquisition assignments.

We strive to provide small and low middle market businesses with the quality service and guidance that has made VR the leading Business Brokerage organization in the world.

BusinessPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
JLM200 -Lounge Bar Near Riverwalk - Absentee Owner SOLD $225,000$175,000$311,322$75,829Downtown San Antonio
3 Restaurants in San Antonio For Sale SOLD $4,700,000$4,700,000$6,313,565$1,069,355San Antonio
JL-433 - Fabricator of Granite Countertops $325,000$325,000$490,666$158,653Greater San Antonio (Near Hill Country)
CG-386 - Commercial Cleaning Company $150,000$135,000$253,504$66,659Austin
Upscale Restaurant and Bar SOLD $200,000$100,000$498,853$0San Antonio
CGA27CU - Cell Phone Accessory Store SOLD $349,000$349,000$535,636$264,896San Antonio, TX
JL-448 Managed IT Services $410,000$410,000$368,677$194,590San Antonio
JLB213 - Sports Bar & Club off major highway SOLD $200,000$150,000$862,058$156,671North East San Antonio
JS-371 - Concrete Business Near Eagle Ford Shale $789,000$789,000$1,030,441$244,394Near Eagle Ford Shale
CGE042 - Ambulance Service Business SOLD $500,000$500,000$1,203,567$306,770South Texas
CG-456 Creative Graphic Software $4,800,000$4,800,000$0$0San Antonio
JL- 454 New American Cuisine Restaurant $350,000$350,000$1,007,031$197,154San Antonio Texas
JLG253 - Sign and Banner Printing Company SOLD $595,000$595,000$623,602$209,872San Antonio
JL-431-Traditional Country Home Cooking Restaurant $260,000$260,000$751,415$124,024Greater San Antonio
JS-385 - Established Manufacturing & Dist $225,000$225,000$854,781$146,925South Texas
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  • (210) 688-4813
  • 10010 San Pedro Ave Suite 305 San Antonio, TX 78216

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