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VR Business Brokers is Edmonton's most successful and dedicated business sales, research and negotiation specialist in the industry.

At VR Business Brokers in Edmonton our team of certified business intermediaries ensure the completion of more private company sales than any other organization in Edmonton, and is transforming the way companies are sold in Alberta. Yet our approach is different and we deliver results.

To sell a business that you have worked hard all of your life is likely to be one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make. It should not be taken lightly or done in haste. That is the reason VR Business Brokers in Edmonton has developed an effective 5 Step Process specifically designed to ensure you achieve the highest sale price when you sell your business.

The scale and resource we commit to selling your business is the best in the industry. Each of our clients benefit from a certified business broker and professional support staff.

VR Business Brokers was established over 33 years ago. The company now has locations across America, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Middle East. As such, VR Business Brokers truly have an international perspective and the proven ability to search for buyers both locally and globally.

VR Business Brokers has developed a proven 5 Step Process when it comes to selling a business for maximum value.  You owe it to yourself, your family and your employees to find out if VR Business Brokers is the right representation for your business sale.  To find out more about VR Business Brokers, and learn how your business can be sold for maximum value, call us or book a confidential business meeting today.
BusinessPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
Medical Shoes, Supplies and Foot Products SOLD $1,200,000$1,000,000$1,429,287$735,477Edmonton, AB
Custom Foam Product Manufacturing Business $299,000$299,000$223,534$93,959Calgary, Alberta
Towing, Hauling and Road Side Assistance business $2,350,000$2,350,000$4,093,054$639,161Edmonton, Alberta
Utility Right of Way and Land Acquisition Business SOLD $1,850,000$1,850,000$2,755,832$615,222Edmonton, Alberta
Cookies by George Franchise - Calgary TD Square $350,000$235,000$0$0Calgary, Alberta
ATV & Outdoor Sports Dealership $880,000$880,000$2,575,232$146,120Central Alberta
Established Respiratory Health and Sleep Clinic $555,000$555,000$498,862$209,951Edmonton, Alberta
Electronic and Instrumentation Business SOLD $2,100,000$2,100,000$6,387,919$1,493,046Edmonton, Alberta
NEW PRICE! Mediterranean Pita Bakery & Deli $224,000$224,000$539,094$127,332Edmonton, Alberta
Profitable Full Service Pizza & Bar franchise busi $1,100,000$550,000$3,394,191$342,224Edmonton, Alberta
Structural Steel & Custom Metal Business SOLD $3,000,000$3,000,000$3,800,138$717,417Sherwood Park, Alberta
Tire Retail and Service Business $1,650,000$1,650,000$3,319,681$380,280Northeast Alberta
Handbags & Fashion Accessories $550,000$450,000$989,416$224,226Edmonton, Alberta
Catering Business $650,000$550,000$1,009,002$386,724Edmonton, Alberta
Garbage and Bin Disposal Business SOLD $1,250,000$1,000,000$1,070,564$137,908Edmonton, AB
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  • (780) 469-4769
  • 211, 3132 Parsons Road Edmonton, AB T6N 1L6

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