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BusinessPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
Medical Shoes, Supplies and Foot Products SOLD $1,200,000$1,000,000$1,429,287$735,477Edmonton, AB
Utility Right of Way and Land Acquisition Business SOLD $1,850,000$1,850,000$2,755,832$615,222Edmonton, Alberta
Cookies by George Franchise - Calgary TD Square SOLD $350,000$235,000$0$0Calgary, Alberta
ATV & Outdoor Sports Dealership $880,000$880,000$2,575,232$146,120Central Alberta
Established Respiratory Health and Sleep Clinic $499,000$439,000$505,468$202,250Edmonton, Alberta
Electronic and Instrumentation Business SOLD $2,100,000$2,100,000$6,387,919$1,493,046Edmonton, Alberta
Structural Steel & Custom Metal Business SOLD $3,000,000$3,000,000$3,800,138$717,417Sherwood Park, Alberta
Handbags & Fashion Accessories SOLD $550,000$450,000$989,416$224,226Edmonton, Alberta
Accounting Practice $640,000$640,000$633,891$290,939Greater Edmonton
Muffler Shop with Real Estate $150,000$150,000$367,326$81,185Central Alberta
Pharmacy SOLD $1,100,000$1,100,000$1,939,000$318,323Edmonton, Alberta
Professional CGA Accounting Practice $300,000$240,000$335,305$140,055Yellowhead County
Garbage and Bin Disposal Business SOLD $1,250,000$1,000,000$1,070,564$137,908Edmonton, AB
Communication & Marketing Consulting Company $990,000$700,000$1,856,285$414,664Northern Canada
HVAC Wholesale Distributor $3,500,000$3,500,000$3,278,751$989,448Edmonton
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